Explore the flavors of Asia at ‘Ah Fong Asian Cuisine’

Cagayan de Oro's dining experience has diversified as the city flourished. An addition to the exciting gastronomic experience in the city is Ah Fong's Asian Cuisine.

Craving for Asian food while in Cagayan de Oro? Head to Grand Central in Hayes Street and look for Ah Fong Asian Cuisine. They serve delectable Asian dishes at a reasonable price.

Their Mixed Vegetables is a must try. A mix of fresh and crisp vegetables combined with perfectly cooked meat and tender squids, saturated with just the right amount of savory sauce; only one word can describe it, perfect! My taste buds can still perceived the luscious combination of flavors. Definitely, I will return for another serving!  

ASIAN MIX. Ah Fong's Mixed Vegetables, Crab Meat Foo Yung and Bam-i
If their Mixed Vegetables was perfect, the Crab Meat Foo Yung was delightful. It was my first time to try a Crab Meat Foo Yung yet it instantly became one of my favorites! A crab meat omelet perfectly seasoned with choice ingredients that extracted the distinctive taste of crabs, who wouldn't want it? That was yummy! Trust me, you should also try this.

Begun serving the Kagay-anons last August 2014, Ah Fong Asian Cuisine, owned by Ms. Nelia Lee, is committed to satisfy everyone’s craving for Asian food especially with the Chinese cuisine and a bit of Japanese and Filipino dishes.

So #WhenInCDO and want to explore Asian flavors the city has to offer, better go directly  to Ah Fong Asian Cuisine. You may visit their Facebook page here, or use the map below if you plan to give Ah Fong a try.

Have you tried exploring the taste of Asia in Ah Fong Asian Cuisine? Share your gastronomic experience in the comments section below.

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  1. The lomi looks satisying! Sana ganyan talaga ang serving nila. I love lomis with a thick and creamy soup.

    1. almost ganyan talaga ang serving nila jay for P99.00 and good for two na yan :)

  2. Wow! Is it a Lomi or Batchoy? It looks like batchoy! Anyways I love both Lomi and Batchoy... I should try that one of these days.

    1. Hello Ma'am, that's Ah Fong's Lomi, a must try din po yan. :)