Hungry for Street Foods

Cagayan de Oro's street food is a unique street-dining experience everyone should try.

When hungry and on a hurry, many opt to street foods to fill the craving stomach; knowing that a beaming tummy can be swiftly attain for less in the streets than in fast food chains and eateries. 

It’s been said that the true character and culture of the locale can be experienced on their streets, in their street foods for instance. The street foods reflect the preference of the locale towards their food and their culinary style.

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So when in CagayanDe Oro or in any place in the Philippines, and you’re hungry and on a hurry, better head to its streets and experience the culture and taste of the locale through their street foods!

Below are three of the popular gastronomic offerings in the streets of CDO, more to follow on the next part of this post.

Its ‘proben’ delicious!

Dominating the street-food-market of Cagayan de Oro is proben, a fried proventriculus of a chicken; the glandular part of an avian stomach that stores food and mixes it with digestive acid and enzymes before it is pushed to the gizzard.

Raw proventriculi are first dipped in cornstarch with choice ingredients, then deep-fried to right crispiness and skewered on bamboo sticks. Sold at P5.00 per stick, proben, usually paired with puso (hanging rice) and buko juice, has become the favorite ‘survival’ food of many college students. 

Several concerns were raised regarding the safety of eating proben however; a nutritional and microbial study conducted in UP Los Banos, where proben is also popular, rendered light to the issue. [Download the paper here]

What’s good with proben meal (2 skewers of proben, a puso and a cup of buko juice)?

Well, aside from the fact that perfectly cooked probens are really delicious, with the ‘proben meal', that P20.00 on your pocket can already buy you a full stomach! Good deal, right?

Peak-a-boo, Bopis!

Not to be confused with its viand counterpart, ‘street bopis’ are marinated and fried pigs’ lungs and not sautéed pigs’ liver and heart.

Brick red when cooked, bopis looks crisp and hard on the outside yet surprisingly soft in the inside when eaten cold. That’s why many liked it hot, freshly fried, and dipped it to spiced soy sauce or vinegar.

If you’re looking for bopis, its strong and distinct aroma that comes out in the cooking process, will tell you that a hawker is nearby. And for a more pleasurable bopis experience, be ready with an ice-cold soft drink on your other hand.

Have break, have a ‘kwek-kwek’

Kwek-kwek in Cagayan de Oro is quite different from other places in the Philippines. Here, most hawkers use hard- boiled duck eggs instead of quail or chicken eggs.

Coated with orange-tinted batter then deep-fried to right crispiness, kwek-kwek is served in plastic bowls with slices of cucumber. It depends on your preference then if you want to add spiced vinegar or sweet and sour sauce, and a dash of salt for a more flavorful kwek-kwek experience.

If want to try kwek-kwek make sure it’s freshly fried and don’t forget to ask extra slices of cucumber. Their tastes blend well! 

What’s your favorite Pinoy street food? Share it and your experience in the comments section below. 


  1. I like the quail kwek-kwek that are freshly scooped from the hot cooking oil and dip it in a spicy vinegar sauce with a lot of onions. I'll add cucumber to the sauce next time I cook at home. I seldom buy them along the streets though.

    1. i'll try to cook quail kwek-kwek soon Jay, can't find it here :)

    2. I'll try to cook quail kwek-kwek Jay, soon. Can't find that variety of kwek-kwek here in CDO.

  2. I'd always be a fan of fish balls, chicken balls, banana cue and camote cue. :)

    1. On the next part of this post, hopefully I can include your favorites Ma'am. :)

  3. Yum! Haven't tried bopis on a stick, though! The one I'm familiar with is usually served as a dish gyud :)

    1. I also love the viand bopis Ms.Irene! It taste better compared to bopis on a stick :)

  4. Bopis on a stick is somewhat new to me. I will try this one out.

    By the way, you make street foods look classy with your awesome photos! That is so great!

    1. Thanks Pinay Mommy Online for appreciating the pictures! You got to try bopis, though I only tried it twice, somehow I liked it :)