CDO’s rising pride: BARD’S Grilled and Sizzling Baby Back Ribs

BARD’S Grilled and Sizzling Baby Back Ribs is a rising resto in Cagayan de Oro City. They offer delectable variations of the classic baby back ribs recipe.

Everyone loves grilled baby back ribs. The delectable flavor of tender meat that is usually served with barbeque sauce penetrates every corner of our taste buds as it demand for more mouthful chew.  

In Cagayan de Oro, there is one small venue that meets the local’s choice of flavor for grilled baby back ribs. And it’s gradually building its reputation as the city’s best and most affordable place for the said cuisine. 

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In its marquee the words “BARD’S Grilled and Sizzling Baby Back Ribs” are written. Yes, grilled and sizzling for they made some improvisations to the well-loved classic recipe. 

Owned by a Kagay-anon-at-heart Cebuano, Mr. Ronald de Guzman, who’s been staying in the city for 15 years, BARD’S offers several variations of the old-favorite dish: barbecue, garlic, hot and spicy and their recommended and must try flavor, the chili garlic.

In the business since October 2013, BARD’S also offers other table favorites like meat balls, shanghai rolls, grilled pork patty and many more.

“We started offering dishes with prices ranging from P109-199. Then eventually, we offer our 69-peso meals for students and people who are on a budget”, said Ronald.

Asked why they ventured on baby back ribs, Ronald shared that “in Cagayan de Oro, only few offers this dish, most are into chicken, pizza and burgers. Then it came to us, why not offer grilled baby back ribs”. 

“Grilled baby back ribs is a classy recipe. It can compete with the big players in food industry like fast food chains. Then we thought of offering it in different flavors and serve it with special gravy”, Ronald added. 

So BARD’S Grilled and Sizzling Baby Back Ribs was born and the rest was history.

Many customers express their satisfaction in this small kitchen, saying that aside from the delectable taste of their grilled baby back ribs, and other offerings, the price is amazingly affordable for a classy dish.

“Grilled baby back ribs here at BARD’S are comparable to big restos. I’m having an awesome gastronomic experience tonight.” according to Marvin who tried BARD’S hot and spicy baby back ribs for the first time. 

“My cravings for baby back ribs have been answered in a reasonable price. Kagay-anons should try BARD’S.” Marvin added. 

So when in Cagayan de Oro and craving for grilled baby back ribs, head to BARD’S! Surely, a product of theirs will satisfy your cravings. 

BARD’S Grilled and Sizzling Baby Back Ribs is located at the 12th-21st Streets in Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City. Follow their Facebook page for the latest products and offerings.  

*Photos from BARD'S Facebook page, used with permission. 


  1. My dining experience seldom includes this food because they tend to be pricey. It's good to know that they are offering it at an affordable price. The hot and spicy variant is I think worth a taste.

  2. A Must try resto! It will intoxicate your 5 Senses.

    The meat is so tender and falls out from the bones,
    it melts in your mouth not in the spoon :-)

  3. Nancy Summer Marine11/07/2016

    Bard's resto is a place for the family and friends. The food seems great plus it is actually affordable perfect for tight budget getaways. A treat there would be bliss more so if you live in a for sale house in CDO to complete the experience.