Groovin by the Shore: Kabaybayonan Festival’s Beach Dancing Competition

Kabaybayonan Festival is celebrated in Opol, Misamis Oriental during the summer season.

A common mode of conquering the summer heat is plunging on cold and inviting waters. But, if you hit the waves with people dancing around you, in their colorful summer outfits, to the loud yet pleasant and cool summer beats, that summer getaway is surely awesome!

This year marks the 2nd Kabaybayonan Festival of the Municipality of Opol; a four day festivity of music, dance and sports that aimed not only to provide pleasure to the eyes and ears of the beach goers but also to find ways to strengthen local tourism.

For 2015, Kabaybayonan Festival was scheduled on April 9-12.

One of the highlights of the festivity was the beach dancing competition that happened on the third day and was tagged as ‘Groovin by the Shore: Modern Hawaiian Beach Dancing’.

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It was participated by seven groups representing the six coastal and a mid-land barangay of the municipality: Luyong Bonbon, Bonbon, Poblacion, Tabok, Igpit, Barra and Patag, who equally showcased superb choreography and stellar performance.

Many beach goers were impressed by the performances of the dancers and praised them for their well-executed steps and excellent choice of music.

“Tsada ang ilang performance, amazing kaayo!,” said Aira who watched the Hawaiian themed showdown with her friends and cousins. “Ang colors sa ilang costume, choreography and music kay makadala gyud” she continued.

Undeniably beautiful even under the heat of the sun, a female dancer from Brgy Poblacion.

Dancing happily, a dancer from Brgy Igpit. 

Summoned from the sea, a goddess from Brgy Bonbon. 

First to perform were the dancers from Brgy. Taboc.

Swaying their hula skirts in the wind and waves, the dancers from Brgy. Barra.

Wearing metallic headdress were the dancers from Barangay Patag.

Male dancers from Brgy Igpit.

Thanking the audience, the dancers from Brgy. Igpit. 

Raisers and backdrops were perfectly utilized by the dancers from Brgy. Poblacion. 

In their winning performance, dancers from Brgy Poblacion.

The competition's grand winner, Brgy. Bonbon. 

Here comes the sirens of Brgy Bonbon. 

Farewell for now said the dancers from Brgy. Bonbon.

Though music and chattering rippled all throughout in the event, the audience erupted when the dancers from Barangay Bonbon was announced as the grand winner of the competition, leaving Barangay Poblacion and Luyong Bonbon in the second and third place respectively.

Opol is known for its beach resorts and its shoreline is a popular destination among beach goers in the region. It also homes the Philippine Ostrich and Crocodile Farm.


  1. Beautiful! Which of the photographs above has the winning group?

    1. Thanks for pointing it out Jay! Second, third and fourth photos from the last :)

  2. Marcus4/18/2015

    great pics.