His best mistake

Breaking free has its own price. Read what a guy had sacrificed to break free from the things that make him unhappy.

Paper n' Pencil. Photo Credit: Quacktaculous
He never wanted the license, the card that bears the title. Even though for most people it is the best investment for it secures more than the fair share of the future.

When he was still in his freshmen year in college he thought of taking another path yet, was hindered by the gratitude and appreciation of his loved ones. It occurred to him the next year but the same thing happened.

He did not fail the people who trusted him; he graduated and earned a degree. However, despite the appreciation, deep inside lingered a gloomy soul and a nervous heart.

He knew he belonged to a different field and would find it difficult to live his dreams if he stayed in that world.

Years passed, a challenged was lain upon him. It was time for him to be tested and judged if he possesses the qualities of a scientist.

With weary heart made heavier with unpleasant consequences, he flew aboard one of the sky’s big metallic monsters and temporarily leaved his family and the people to him are his dearest.

Yet no one noticed his burdens for he perfectly hid it in his loud giggles and jestingly gestures; but if they just looked and starred in his eyes, he was certain they will spot it.

He reached his destination and shared the place of a generous friend. They talked about their lives and their aspirations and dreams. Then it occurred to him, it’s time to untie the knot that binds him to do the things he’s certain will make him a better person.

But breaking free demands its price; it means setting aside the opportunities and resources his loved ones have sewn for him.

He was nervous, troubled and unhappy of the things he is doing. Then he broke; his heart was beating faster than ever and his vision dimmed. He reached his phone and dialed some familiar numbers where he expressed what he felt that night.

It was the best thing he ever did in his life, he thought. The first time he shared his agonies to his loved ones. He can’t deny that everyone he spoke to bared regret in their tone, yet he was still thankful that they've accepted the situation.

Now it’s time for him to return home, back to where he belongs. And he said to himself, “From now on, I will do the things that I want and with it, I will be a better person”.


  1. Be brave...be very brave! "Your only limitations are those you set up in your mind, or permit others to set up for you." - Og Mandino