MyPasalubong: Making pasalubong shopping hassle-free

MyPasalubong is a one-stop shop for all our pasalubong needs.

We all know that going for a trip or a vacation is something we always look forward to, as it means having time to relax and be free from all the stress and troubles in our daily routine. That is why whenever family members or friends go for a trip, we are also happy for them and wish them all the best during their vacation. Another thing that also excites us is their homecoming and that “something” which they will bring for us as some sort of “pasalubong”.

This act of bringing something for those who are left home is indeed an expression of love and thoughtfulness which all of us appreciate. This is especially true among us Filipinos whose priority in life is always our family.  To make them happy when we come home from a trip, we will bring only the best pasalubong  despite our hectic schedule and the difficulty to find one.

It was the realization of how difficult buying for  the best pasalubong can be  in a place that you are not familiar with that moved Marl Ian Dionaldo (as he himself experienced difficulty in buying the pasalubong that his wife wanted while he was in Cebu city)  to come up with an idea that can best cater to the need of both tourists and locals to shop for the best pasalubong in Cagayan de Oro city. Finally, he  decided to give birth to  "My Pasalubong".

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It is an online site where people can buy all the best local products without spending a lot of time, money and energy. All they have to do is just wait for the products to be delivered to their preferred time and place already packed.

Yes, it is a one-stop shop for all our pasalubong needs! It’s Marl’s way of taking away all our worries as to what we can take home that will surely suit the taste of our loved ones. It is also the company's strong advocacy to help Local Businesses grow their business by helping them in marketing and distribution of their product through the internet.

At My Pasalubong, they offer the tastiest products from Cagayan de Oro’s best local brands for delicacies such as Vjandep, Pquant, Ato Kini, Joji’s Delights, Pane E Dolci, TGO Foods, De Oro’s Best, Nanay Choleng’s Muron, Country Fruits, Dulceta, Fely’s Homemade, and Kagay-anon Delights. They also offer free delivery within the city on all orders over 500php, or you can pick up your orders at Vjandep branches located at Tiano, Agora, Pier, or Bulua, and soon you can opt to pick them up at Laguindingan Airport.

You can contact mypasalubong through :

Office Address:
Vjandep Tiano Branch,Tiano Bros. St, Brgy. 14,
Cagayan de Oro City, 9000
Cellphone: +639277046467 / +639184301660
Viber: +639277046467
Telephone: (088) – 881- 0043

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